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James A. Garfield ” Whoever controls the volume of money in a country is ABSOLUTE MASTER  of industry and commerce.  When you realize that our entire system is very easily controlled by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” —-This quote was taken from President Garfield’s inaugural address Two weeks later he was assassinated !!!!! ECONOMICS = Management of  Resource       It’s not nearly as complicated as they make it .  In today’s  society we use DOLLARS to manage the resources. An abundant dollarMore… click here

Wealth in America

This is a pretty easy subject for me. I’ve never been impressed with money and with people that think that they’re better than anyone else because they’ve been blessed with good fortune. They always think that they made it on their own, when nothing is farther from the truth. Perhaps in our little capitalistic world some people can actually amass incredible fortunes for doing very little, but that hardly justifies their selfish actions in doing so, as they amass fortunes beyond their needs. Survival of the fittest has been replaced by survival of the fattest. When I think of wealthMore… click here