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MOVE FROM BLACK TO GREEN ENERGY The science is conclusive that we are contributing to global warming by our continuing use of fossil fuels. Yet we still have the doubters and deniers that refuse to believe the obvious, but given the facts that by using black energy as our main energy source we are polluting our rivers our oceans, all of the sea life and we’re polluting the air we breathe and the land that we grow our food on and all of these facts create health factors that cannot be accounted for but they are substantial and pervasive.  SoMore… click here

Big Oil

We need to make a move immediately from BLACK energy to GREEN energy. Our oil conglomerates have had it too good for too long. There is an expression that goes, “When you have them by the balls, their mind and heart follows.” Nothing is more true than this, for the oil companies profits exceed all other considerations. There is too much money to be made to give concern to the environment and long time consequences of this environmental nightmare. What an incredible setup the oil companies have, we need gas to propel our cars, and oil for the engine, ourMore… click here